UFTRS stands for the University Financial Transparency Standard. Created by the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants in partnership with the transparency and accountability campaign of the University Student Council 2013-2014. The standard aims to set processes by which student councils and organizations account for their financial inflows and outflows, report these financial activities, and manage their assets responsibly.

For the school year 2014-2015, the USC partnered with UP Circuit to create an accounting program that will enable student councils and organizations to automatically generate the UFTRS financial statements upon entry of the transactions into the program. Thus, the UFTRS Program was created.

The UFTRS Program will enable the student council or student organization using it to replace the Microsoft Excel component of the First Module of the UFTRS (Documentation of Transactions). This will allow the Program to process the transactions entered in accordance with the First Module into the product of the Second Module (Statement of Cash Flows). Thus, the UFTRS Program will be able to generate the Cash Flows component of the financial statements. It will also allow the compliant organization to input information for the Other Disclosures and Notes to the Financial Statements components to complete the UFTRS-compliant Statement of Cash Flows.

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Updated: August 5, 2014
Current version only compatible with Windows
  • 0.9
    - Fixed Operational and Maintenance Expenses being missing from the Statement of Cash Flows
    - Added more text boxes for "Noted By" and "Prepared By" fields for the Statement of Cash Flows
    - Fixed the reset password tab's user dropdown menu not refreshing when a new user is registered
    - Fixed log-in credentials (e.g. username and password textboxes) not being cleared upon logging out
    - Fixed some notes displaying the wrong information
  • 0.8
    Beta Release

The University Student Council of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City is the official student representative body of the Philippines' premiere institution of higher learning. As such, it represents the interests of the students within and outside the University. The University Student Council, also known as USC, exists to represent UP students in various affairs of the University, acting as the voice of students in the local, national, and international issues.

As the highest student representative body in the university, the USC is composed of members elected amongst the student body, mandated to organize and direct campaigns and activities to defend and promote students' rights, and improve the students' general welfare.Furthermore, it provides direct services to the student body.

The USC has the proud and historic tradition of active involvement in the Filipino people's struggle for their democratic rights and interests.

The current members of the USC, serving for Academic Year 2014-2015, are as follows:

Chairperson: Arjay Mercado
Vice-Chairperson: JP Delas Nieves

University Councilors:
Jamie Bawalan (Finance Committee Head)
Jethro David (Environment Committee Head)
Pola Lamarca (Students' Rights and Welfare Committee Head)
Maria Veronica Manalo (Public Information Officer)
AJ Montesa (Education and Research Committee Head)
Mico Pangalangan (Community Rights and Welfare Head)
Raymond Rodis (Good Governance Committee Head)
Reg Rodriguez (Secretariat Committee Head)
Carl Santos (People's Struggles Committee Head)
Walter Tamayo (Ways and MeansCommittee Head)
Tolits Tanaka (Gender Committee Head)
Menchani Tilendo (Committee on Culture and the Arts Head)

College Representatives:
Asian Institute of Tourism: Tin Bactol
College of Architecture: Ralph Alba
College of Arts and Letters: Yeye Corpuz
College of Business Administration: Aaron Letaba
School of Economics: Baba Foronda
College of Education: Tricia Roxas
College of Engineering: Cheryl Siy and Leo Lobigan (Basic Student Services Committee Head)
College of Fine Arts: Patricia Non
College of Home Economics: Sarah Esguerra
College of Human Kinetics: Roi Marcial (Sports, Fitness and Health Committee Head)
College of Law: Kei Garcia (Students' Legal Aid and Assistance Committee Head)
School of Library and Information Studies: Chen Tan
College of Mass Communications: Ben Opinion
College of Music: Gabby Tinio
National College of Public Administration and Governance: Mikhail Solitario (University Job Fair Committee Head)
College of Science: Ryan Lintao
College of Social Science and Philosophy: Allan Pangilinan
College of Social Work and Community Development: Audrey Antoniano
School of Statistics: IC Mendoza

UP Circuit is an active, academic, non-profit and non-political student organization based in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (EEEI) of the University of the Philippines - Diliman. The organization aims to promote academic excellence in the field of Electrical, Computer, and Electronics and Communications Engineering, and at the same time, encourage holistic development of its members through various activities within and outside the university.

The UP Circuit UFTRS Accouting System Development Team consists of Gregorio Martin Buencamino, Alberto Miguel Lasco and Jonathan Trinidad.

The UP Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (UP JPIA) is a duly recognized, accredited, and the largest organization in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. It is the only student organization which promotes and preserves the highest degree of excellence among business and accountancy majors in UP Diliman. As a pioneer in project creativity, UP JPIA has established its presence within and beyond the University thereby being the first Gawad Chancellor Hall of Fame Awardee for the Most Outstanding Student Organization. UP JPIA is also a founding member of the National Federation Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NF JPIA) and three times recipient of the Most Outstanding Local Chapter. The organization is also a recipient of the Quezon City Youth Achiever's Award and a finalist in the Ten Accomplished Youth Organization (TAYO). Currently, the organization embraces over 250 members and over 20 projects stored every semester.

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